Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hardwood Trims, Edging and Mouldings

When you are looking for a complete and professional finish to your newly laid hardwood flooring there is no better way than to include some beautiful trims. Edging or real wood mouldings blend perfectly with the skirting board, or depending upon the look you are creating, instead of skirting, why not have them lying flush with the wall?

Hide a multitude of sins

In addition to concealing the wood ends and patches of rough stuff better left unseen, the right choice of trim enhances any style of wood flooring and looks great against the polished boards. An extra advantage of using trim is that it adds a touch of originality to your floor. Remember too that your edging can be stained to match or cross-coordinate with the colour of your floor.

Bring on the hardwood bling!

When you want your room to sparkle try adding T-style edgings cut especially to fit around door frames, borders and vents. For hardwood stairs too there is a super selection of stair finishings products out there, including quarter round and stair nose floor mouldings. If you are unsure of how to install these decorative additions to your floor then seek the advice of an expert, as it is imperative that the mouldings and fixings should be correctly installed. That being said, most trims nowadays are precisely constructed for ease of installation and are built to last at least as long as your floor. However, it is always good to know professional advice can be obtained if required.

Flooring finishings – finished to perfection

After spending money and time on getting the perfect real wood floor you will no doubt consider a professional looking finishing to be the best way to bring out the real beauty of your hardwood flooring. If this is the case, it is always better to leave the finishing (whether you choose lacquer, stain or varnishing) until the trims and edgings are in place. This way you can give the whole flooring a flawless looking finish and avoid any ‘patchy’ results.

However, if you are adding trims to an already established floor then you may wish to purchase distressed style additions or better yet distress them yourself if you feel you can. If you want to add a live-in look to your trims then select unfinished wood.

Adding uniqueness to any floor

Trims, edgings and mouldings bring a tailor made quality to any wood floor and the value lies in their ability to change the appearance of your wood floor and make it unique. Recognising this, interior flooring professionals often use trims in their bespoke room design to give the final result its own, unique flair and flourish.

Corner trims can easily be added to floating and laminate flooring and parquet flooring benefits greatly from a complimentary trim in accord with the tile pattern.

Trims are readily available from UK professional hardwood suppliers in red oak, walnut, teak, cherry, mahogany as well as a selection of unfinished hardwoods if you wish to add the finishing yourself. Flush finishings, t-shapes, overlaps, door trims, threshold dividers, reducers and quarters rounds all help to bring a personalised finish to your floor.

If you are unsure on any aspect of floor finishings or how to incorporate them into your overall plan, find out more from your friendly wood flooring professional. Alternatively if you have a more than rudimentary knowledge of carpentry and have laid your wood floor yourself then you can confidently have a go yourself!

All types of real wood flooring is enhanced by the right style and application of trims, edging and mouldings, so before you apply the lacquer or even open that tin of varnish, check out the trim options to make your floor stand out from the rest.

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