Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Advantages of Solid Oak Flooring

Solid oak wood flooring is just that – solid. Oak speaks of timeless elegance, durability, tradition and of course style. Whether you already have a solid oak floor in need for some loving care or are thinking about enhancing your home with real oak flooring, read on and discover the advantages of choosing oak.


Selecting reclaimed wood is always the preferable way to reduce carbon footprint, but if this is not possible then select your oak from a UK supplier and ensure it is Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) approved for both quality and ecological purposes.

Oakwood flooring can be purchased either bare or finished i.e. with a veneer already in place and you can choose the topcoat of choice if you have a specific finishing in mind. Reclaimed and professionally restored oakwood flooring can be a spectacular addition to any room and will last for decades with only a very little regular maintenance to keep it looking great.

Here are just some of the advantages of owning a solid oak timber floor:

· Always a versatile choice, oakwood can be stained and coloured to match any style of furnishings.
· Well cared for oak flooring will last a lifetime.
· Oak flooring can be restored to successfully represent any era from Georgian glamour to Victorian elegance.
· Light sweeping weekly and a monthly mop is enough to keep an oak floor in tip-top condition.
· Oak flooring adds character to a room.
· Oak flooring adds real value to any property.

Versatile oakwood flooring

For those who appreciate the distressed look, oakwood responds particularly well to the hand scraping process and can be co-ordinated to match units, dressers and butcher block tables to bring a look of rustic charm to any kitchen space.

Add a splash of colour to bedroom flooring with the superb range of wood stains available. Choose from bold and bright colours to natural wood shades that can cross co-ordinate beautifully with a variety of furnishings and décor.

Oakwood looks clean, uncluttered and graceful. Oak is the all-round perfect house guest and fits in perfectly in hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. In addition to homes, it is the flexibility of oak that also makes it a popular choice for commercial premises such as restaurants, wine bars and hotel foyers.

Oak parquet flooring

For something a little different, oakwood Parquet Floor Sanding offers a robust floor combined with the beauty of parquet tiles. Oak parquet can be installed tongue-in-groove style and, like floorboards, is available in a natural or rustic finish. Oak parquet flooring is available in all the classic parquet motifs including herring-bone, chevron, squares and more. If you have an existing oak parquet floor, give it the best chance to shine by taking professional advice on a safe restoration.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating does not mean you’re prevented from enjoy real oak flooring, and the boards can be professionally installed over the heating system safely and securely. For further information on this and any other aspect of solid oak flooring, take advantage of a free quotation from a reputable floor sanding and restoration company.


To revitalise the appearance of original oak flooring, consider adding new skirting, beading, door surrounds or dados for a fresh new look. Changing the finishing on your floor goes a long way to transforming the appearance of your floor, even if you don’t wish to colour stain your wood. Floor Sanding and Varnishing will bring that pristine natural beauty and for a muted style, matt oil finish brings hallways and other heavy traffic areas to life.

When you purchase an oak floor, whether it’s reclaimed or new timber, in addition to having a beautiful real wood floor to enjoy, you are also investing in your home. Oakwood flooring never goes out of fashion and remains an asset in all types of UK homes.

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