Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Useful Tips For Wood Floor Sanding London

Wood floor sanding is a specialized job and calls for special skills. Proper handling of sanding equipment is important to get the optimum results, and also to maintain the condition of the floor.

Specialist companies in wood floor sanding London employ well trained personnel who have many years of floorboard sanding experience behind them. These professionals know the little tricks of the trade that guarantees a great looking floor everytime:

While carrying out wood floor sanding, be careful about the coarseness of the abrasive being used. Do not unnecessarily use very abrasive paper, as this will remove more wood, and increase the effort needed for the subsequent steps.

While starting the floorboard sanding process, make the first rough cut at an angle of 45° to ensure a basic level.

New floors should be allowed at least three weeks’ time to reach their normal moisture content before subjecting them to sanding.

The most effective way to deal with hollows or scratches is to make the first pass at a 30° angle to the aberration using a fine abrasive grit.

Sanding should always be finished in the direction of the grain.

Take care to never skip more than one intermediate grit when changing abrasives.

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