Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Important Floor Sanding Tips

The following floor sanding tips can be followed for best results:

Gap filling: Most London floor sanding companies will recommend that gaps in the kitchen floor should be filled. This makes it easier to keep the floor clean. Similarly, filling of gaps in the bathrooms is also recommended, as it prevents the spills from getting between the floorboards.
Hiring sanding machines: One of the soundest bits of floor sanding advice you could follow is to hire both the main sander and the edger from the same company. In this way, you could negotiate for better hiring terms, rather than if you went to two different sources.

Measuring floor thickness: When you are sanding pre-finished and laminate floors, it is important to gauge the thickness of the floor before you commence sanding. This can be done by taking off a skirting board and measuring the flooring edge. This is an important piece of floor sanding advice, as it is imperative that as little wood as possible is sanded off.

Marking damaged boards: Another of the useful floor sanding tips is to mark excessive scratches, holes, nails and other blemishes with a soft lead pencil so that they are easily visible and identifiable.

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