Friday, March 2, 2012

Dust Free Floor Sanding and Dustless Floor Sanding Guide

In the early days, sanding wooden floors was done using sand paper, and the process was very physical. With advances in technology, sanding machines were invented, and they minimized the physical effort that was needed. At the present time, almost all companies offering floor sanding services use these machines.

However, executing floor sanding services with these machines invariably results in a lot of dust being generated in the sanding process. This dust settles down, and gathers in the corners of the room, or on other surfaces, rendering the whole area dusty.

This gave rise to a need for dustless floor sanding. Dust free floor sanding is possible today using specially designed floor sanding equipment which has a dust containment system. This system traps the dust in receptacles that are provided on the equipment and does not allow it to be released into the air. This results in dustless floor sanding.

Given today’s concerns for safety, health and the environment, a sanding process that does not generate dust is a welcome refinement. Dust provokes allergies and asthma attacks.

It also reduces the visibility of the floor sanding machine operator, and makes his job more difficult. It is for reasons such as these that floor sanding equipment that contains dust is required.

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