Sunday, June 24, 2012

Restoring Wooden Floors

Wood flooring is all the rage these days and the old fitted carpets are going out of fashion.  Carpets can be warm in winter and create a cosy atmosphere, but there is nothing quite like a real wood floor and if you have children it is far more hygienic.  Anyone with asthma will notice the difference as soon as they step into a home with sparkling wood floors, which are also easier to keep clean than carpets.  Carpets excel at trapping dust and mites, but with a wood floor they become a distant memory.

Floor Sanding Services abound and it is extremely easy to find a wooden floor repair company to restore your existing floorboards or you could have a brand new hardwood floor installed by a specialist company.  Alternatively, with a little instruction, you could even sand an existing floor yourself.  It is not a difficult DIY project; the only really tricky bit is attaching the sandpaper to the sander drum, but if you ask the staff at the tool hire store they will be happy to show you how to do it.  Hire a heavy upright sander for the main job and a small, square sander, with twin handles, for the finishing and edges.

Prepare the floor by hammering any protrusions flush with the surface, pull faulty nails out, replace pieces of broken timber and the floor is ready for sanding.  Go across the floorboards with the upright sander before following the line of the boards.  Finish off with the smaller sander, in both cases moving from coarse to fine sandpaper as you complete each run.

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