Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sand Your Floors Back to Life

With leading Floor Sanding Services companies such as Blanchon and Bona offering state-of-the art expertise, equipment, advice and materials for all wooden floors, now is a great time to rip up the carpets and breathe life into your old floorboards.

Bare wooden floorboards are all the rage and although countries in Scandinavia have been used to natural flooring for many decades, to some it is all new, but fast becoming the fashion.  Wooden flooring has the advantages of supreme natural beauty coupled with cleanliness.  Any experienced and respected floor sanding company can quickly completely transform your home.

The latest sanding machines are cutting edge products that collect the wood dust for recycling as it flies off the sandpaper and this eco friendly, green approach, is great for both the environment and you.  These machines efficiently grind their way through the uneven upper layers of wood to create a perfect finish and with the addition of a beautiful stain to complement you existing home decor, topped by a layer of durable varnish, the floor will become a major feature of the room.

If you have anyone in the house with an allergy or who suffers from asthma, cleaning up the floorboards and removing dust traps like carpets will work wonders for their quality of life and toddlers too will benefit from the new clean conditions.  It makes perfect sense to go down this environmentally friendly route and restore your floorboards to their natural beauty.

Pay a visit to your local Floor Sanding Company now and be amazed at what they can do to transform your home.

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