Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enhance Your Home with a Restored Wood Floor

When you take the decision to restore your hardwood floor it is natural that you want the floor to look the very best it can. Whether you choose to do it yourself or to use a specialist flooring team, there are a few essential points to remember so that you get the maximum benefit from your Wood Floor Refurbishing to enhance the look of your home for longer.

When the floor is finished many people make the mistake of returning the furniture almost as soon as the floor finishing appears dry and begin using the room immediately. This is a great mistake. The floor may be hard on top but the underneath veneer will almost certainly retain some liquidity. It needs to fully cure, and until the finishing is allowed to dry and harden completely your floor is not totally protected.

In order to give your floor the best chance for a long and happy life avoid walking on it (even with bare feet) for at least 24 hours, although 48 hours is better if you can manage it.  Leave it as long as possible before returning heavy furniture to the room and allowing children and pets to play in the room.

Apart from the vacuuming you will have carried out prior to the sanding process if you did it yourself, don’t vacuum too much during the first few weeks of your floor’s new life. Avoid sticking anything to the floor such as sticky tape or edging runners.

The importance of regular light maintenance

It is important to lightly sweep and vacuum the floor on a regular basis, although it is not necessary to wash it every time you do so. Floors become damaged when particles of grit become ground into the wood so regular light sweeping goes a long way to preserve your floor’s pristine beauty as well as keeping it fresh and clean looking. Rather than mop the floor it is sometimes enough to attach a lightly moistened cloth to a brush head and collect the dust that way.

If you do decide to use a cleaning product on the floor then only use one which has been specifically designed for wood floors. Never be tempted to use tile or laminate cleaner, which can cause a too-shiny veneer on the wood that quickly dulls and loses lustre on hardwoods.

Moisture warps wood so if the climate calls for it you might find it a good idea to install a de-humidifier, which is better for both you and your floor.

Hardwood floor repairs

It is often the case that when a floor is sanded back loose or missing boards are discovered. If this has happened to you and you would like your replacement wood to be ethically sourced then be sure to select only wood which has the FSC stamp of approval. This means the wood has been harvested from responsible sources, which in turns means the sustainability of wildlife and fair employment.

If your floor is particularly old or is of an uncommon wood type then you may need to contact a professional wood Floor Sanding Company to help you source the best possible match. However, remember that even if the wood is the same type as your floor it is unlikely that it will be exactly the same shade and may require a little wood stain to make it blend in initially.

Real wood floors in wet rooms

It’s never really a good idea to use wood flooring in a high humidity environment. But should your find yourself in this position then it is better to choose engineered wood, which is real wood veneer with a laminated base. This type of wood has a shorter lifespan that real wood but does rather better in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms where there is a higher level of moisture in the air.

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