Thursday, May 16, 2013

London Homeowners Improve Rather Than Move

As the recession continues to bite more homeowners are opting to improve their London homes rather than move in this financially sluggish climate. In 2011 a survey carried out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors discovered that 48% of homeowners chose to improve rather than move with extensions, loft conversions and room renovations top of the list. Further research carried out a year later in the latter part of 2012 revealed that the percentage of UK home improver had risen to more than 50%.

Adding extra rooms to a home is a big undertaking and one that London householders will consider carefully. Whilst an extension will obviously cause domestic upheaval it is better to go through the process just the once! In other words, when planning a new room take the time to consider what type of flooring you are looking for. A new or reclaimed real wood floor can be fitted once the extension work has been completed, giving you a beautiful new room that is ready to use.

The only flooring which will last a lifetime

Whether you are looking to blend your new floor with the flooring you already have or maybe you are installing a wood floor for the first time – either way you will be delighted at the innovations and ease of maintenance of a real wood floor; the only floor which can last a lifetime.

Wood floors lend themselves to a variety of styles and d├ęcor. Small rooms look airy and bright, large rooms look uncluttered and chic. More London homeowners recognise the benefits of wood flooring, and everything from Granny flats to garden offices and outdoor decking also look great with a real wood floor.

A well fitted wood floor can add thousands to the resale value of a home and even if your home is not for sale any time soon you will gain so much in aesthetic value and style. A shiny and smooth wood floor works as a great centrepiece in dining rooms and hallways and is always a talking point with guests.

Choose the professionals

However, just as you would not choose to have your extension built by electricians or your wiring put in by builders, it follows that your wood floor should only be installed by a professional london floor sanding company using the latest range of hi-tech equipment and a fully qualified flooring team.

Unlike carpeting and laminates, real wood will last your lifetime with minimal maintenance and a little bit of occasional TLC. It is therefore worth investing in a wood floor, which can only bring additional value to your home.

Cleaner, safer and more attractive than other types of flooring, what’s not to like with a real wood floor? There are so many types and styles to choose from and if you would like your floor to match an existing sanding parquet design or wood type then a wood floor specialist will be able to help you source and install your wood of choice with minimal fuss.
Loft conversions in particular look really well with a wood floor as it adds space and volume to irregularly shaped areas. Scatter rugs can be used to add colour and a little panache and placed in high traffic areas to protect the floor. But do consider the ‘noise’ factor for anyone in rooms beneath a wooden floor – it’s a good idea to ban high heels both to protect the surface of the wood and the eardrums of those trying to relax in the room below!

Hard wood floors are tough and can generally hold their own against the normal wear and tear of family life. However with a little care in the way of sweeping, the occasional mopping and a refinishing every decade or so will ensure your floor remains a feature of which you can justly be proud.

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