Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cardiff Hauler Wins Wooden Floor Delivery Contract

Cardiff based hauling contractor Rhys Davies Freight Logistics has won the contract to deliver flooring-related products, such as floor sanding products, to the customers of Kenton Floors all over the United Kingdom. Under the specifications of the agreement, Rhys Davies Freight Logistics will pick up wooden flooring from the Caerphilly factory belonging to Kenton Floors every day in order to ensure next day deliveries to carpet suppliers, professional flooring installers and retailers. The agreement is on a rolling basis, according to Rhys Davies Freight Logistics.

“Our boxes are two metres long which equates to about one and a half pallets,” says the warehouse manager for Kenton Floors, Jonathan Evans. “Other carriers we spoke to calculate their charges on a two pallet basis, so we would have been paying for space we weren’t using. Rhys Davies only charges us for the space we use, which offers us a saving.” Evans also points out that the company also often finds it necessary to send loose items along with the pallets, something that an ordinary pallet network would find difficult to take into account. “These can be up to three metres long and because they’re carried off the pallet they can easily get lost.”

Evans notes that Rhys Davies Freight Logistics has a more flexible system, which means that they are much better equipped to handle this scenario and thus ensure that all goods sent will actually arrive at their destination safely and in good order.


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