Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hardwood Flooring Tips

Even before a consumer purchases their hardwood flooring, there are a few tips that they should be made aware of before they do so in order to ensure they end up being completely satisfied.

One such tip is to acknowledge and seriously consider the fact that floors that are bought already refinished can be very, very convenient.

Being forced to leave your own home for days on end because you have a contractor staining, re-coating and sanding floorboards in your house is not a lot of fun. Then there is the fact that while some professional companies may leave your home spotless after they have finished, others may leave it covered in dust.

In today’s world, none of this is necessary with factory finished flooring that can be immediately installed and used with no fuss and a bare minimum of mess. restoring parquet flooring also means that every plank can move on its own to account for any changes in humidity in your house, which makes seasonal separations (otherwise known as cracks) in the floor far less noticeable.

Another tip worth paying attention to is that while coloured wood flooring can be stylish and even cool, there is little to beat the natural look of wooden flooring.

It is also worth remembering that not all wooden floors are or should be smooth. Texture is very popular these days, with hand scraped, reclaimed and even distressed wooden flooring having a classic look that also hides wear and scratches and has become a very popular trend.


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