Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wood Floor Chicken Vandal Man Convicted

An American man is facing as much as 18 years in prison after being convicted of vandalizing the home of his ex-wife and causing thousands in damages by putting raw chicken in her house’s air vents and using cheated hiking boots to tear up her wooden floors, resulting in the need for some very expensive wood floor restoration.

The 58-year-old Denver resident, Ronald Smith, a lobbyist, tried to claim that Michelle Young, his ex-wife, actually did the damage herself and then tried to pin the blame on him, but the jury was unimpressed with his version of events and after a six-hour deliberation found him guilty of criminal mischief and second degree burglary.

The case is just the latest example of wooden floors being treated badly during a nasty divorce. In 2009, contractor Matt Morgan was asked to install what he thought was the “ugliest floor” he had ever come across – a white oak, red oak and walnut floor – only for a woman he had never seen before to arrive just as installation was being completed and demanded to know what he thought he was doing to HER house. “I said, “EXCUSE ME?!” Morgan remembers.

Wood floor restoration can involve everything from floor sanding, lacquering, sealing, oiling and staining and is a specialist task that needs to be carried out by qualified professionals. It can be as relatively simple as removing small scratches from floors to a complex and complete overhaul of the existing floor.

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