Monday, September 26, 2011

Repairing Parquet Floors

Parquet wood floors can be very beautiful, but if blocks are damaged then it can become a serious problem. In order to carry out wood floor repairs on your damaged parquet floor without it being obvious to the naked eye, the damaged areas of wood need to be replaced with a parquet tile that matches the original pattern.

If it proves not to be possible to find a refinished parquet tile that is the same as the original, simply finish the tile yourself instead, in order to ensure the pattern is the same as the piece you are replacing it with.

If necessary use the whole tile, but if possible just use one piece of the unit or as much as is necessary – it is always best to make the area you are replacing as small as possible.

To begin the process, first remove the damaged piece of parquet floor sanding. If the whole unit or tile is damaged, make a row of big holes across the entire length of the block with a bit, brace or drill, and make sure to go against the grain. Drill the whole way through the damaged block but be careful to make sure the drill does not go into the sub floor underneath it.

Then use a hammer and a sharp chisel to gently split up the block and get up the individual pieces, being careful to avoid damaging the other pieces of parquet wood around it. Make sure the gap is ready for a replacement and use either one piece or the whole tile to fill it in.


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