Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cleaning up Dog Urine on Wooden Floors

It’s an embarrassingly common problem, yet one you rarely hear a solution to. How do you clean up dog urine from a wooden floor sanding in order to ensure no damage is done to the flooring that will end up needing you to invest in wood floor repairs?

Items you will need to clean up dog urine from wood floors successfully include paper towels, a paintbrush, baking soda, wood floor stain touch-up, a vacuum cleaner, sandpaper, a bucket, white vinegar, cleaning cloths, plastic wrap and hydrogen peroxide.

Once the ‘accident’ has happened, place paper towels over the stain, continuing to replace them with fresh towels as the previous ones continue to soak up the dog urine. Next sprinkle baking soda over the stain, allowing it to sit overnight so that it can completely absorb both the urine itself and the smell. In the morning, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda, and then wash the area of the stain with a wood floor cleaner.

For older urine stains on the wood floor, use straight hydrogen peroxide to saturate the stain, then soak a cloth with the same substance and lay it over the stain. A plastic wrap should then be used to create a poultice by laying it over the cloth and peroxide, and this should be left to sit overnight.

In the morning, remove the materials from the site of the stain and use a solution comprising one part vinegar and one part water to dampen a clean cloth and wipe the area, then dry it. If necessary, sand and stain the floor.


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