Friday, October 14, 2011

Designers Prefer Engineered Wood Flooring

More and more designers are beginning to choose to use engineered wood flooring in the homes they are hired to decorate, rather than traditional solid wood. The technology behind engineered wood has increased in leaps and bounds in recent years and as customers have started to realize the benefits, so too have sales of engineered wood flooring begun to skyrocket.

Many high profile interior designers have been less quick to catch on to the craze but the signs are that even this is now changing.
Many are now starting to believe that engineered wooden flooring is of a very high quality and may even, in some circumstances, be a more practical option than traditional solid wood floors.

For example, engineered flooring is resistant to contraction and expansion, which is caused in traditional wood floors as a consequence of fluctuations in the atmosphere and the temperature of the room that the floor is in. Floor Sanding Kingston As such homeowners who choose to install engineered wood flooring in their houses do not have as much to worry about when it comes to buckling and swelling in their floors, which can end up requiring expensive wood floor restoration.

This change in attitude toward engineered flooring is possibly a reflection of the troubled economic climate all across the world. Both homeowners and interior designers are having to start to become a little more frugal wherever they can. While there is no doubt that solid wood flooring is still the best investment, with more and more people choosing to redecorate rather than move house, the investment reason is becoming less common.

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