Monday, October 31, 2011

Homeowners Warned to Inspect Floorboards After man Falls Through Bathroom Floor

Homeowners have been warned to inspect their floors and floorboards after a 25-year-old American man fell through a floor in his home. The man was believed to have been on the first floor of the property when he fell through rotten flooring, falling almost ten feet onto the ground below. The man was in the bathroom when his bathtub fell through unstable floorboards, taking him with it. Fortunately, the man only experienced minor injuries as a result of his fall.

The news may be of concern to homeowners with wooden bathroom, Wood Flooring Sanding who are concerned that the inevitable humidity in their bathroom, together with unavoidable splashes of water, will eventually warp their wooden flooring.

Homeowners concerned about the condition of their current bathroom flooring may wish to look into the new finishes for wooden flooring that aid wooden flooring in becoming a viable option for their bathrooms.

Homeowners are advised to choose resilient wood for their flooring and to opt for polyurethane finishes to form a watertight seal when finishing new flooring or refinishing wood floors that have been previously installed.Before laying a new wooden floor or performing any wood floor restoration, bathroom floorboards should be inspected for signs of water damage and any floorboards removed and replaced if necessary.

Once a new floor has been laid, homeowners should take precautions to ensure that their bathroom floor remains in prime condition. Spills should be mopped up immediately and leaks addressed quickly. A well-finished, well-laid and adequately cared for wooden floor can serve to protect the floorboards below, thus preventing their collapse.

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