Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mahogany Floors

For wooden flooring that adds an instant touch of class and has a smell all of its own, mahogany is the best choice around. Mahogany floors add immediate presence to a home and create an elegant and rich appearance.

Commonly found in the south of Mexico and through Central America to Argentina, mahogany was once widely available but has in recent years started to become a little more of a rarity, which only serves to make it even more of a wood flooring delicacy. Well known for its rich and deep reddish brown look, mahogany also has striping features and a complimenting even texture throughout the species. A bit of light is added to the species via the white sapwood, which shines throughout the heartwood of mahogany, making the lustre that mahogany exhibits so well and helps to make it so aesthetically pleasing.

There are a number of different kinds of mahogany that can be best suited to different purposes. The best kind of mahogany with which to create wooden floors is normally thought to be Santos mahogany, which is often used to create flooring for the simple reason that it is much harder and more durable than some other kinds of mahogany, meaning it is much better suited to dealing with the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and sanding floorboards. Mahogany also has a natural fragrance, which provides any home with a mahogany wood floor with a pleasant and welcoming scent.

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