Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colourful Accessories Help Brighten Up Wood Floors

The favoured interior design schemes for this season are bright and bold, with many people buying accessories such as new and colorful rugs with bright patterns in order to fit in with the current trend for a more vibrant style.

The general fashion at the moment is for wooden flooring products, including refinishing wood floor products, and Engineered Floor Sanding, which will stand the test of time as they have always done, but which are given a bright twist by accessorizing with bright and fun rugs.
Such rugs mean that any room in the house can be given a splash of colour by the homeowner without changing the decor so much that the brightness becomes in any way overpowering. Brightly coloured rugs are ideal accessories for wooden floors as they create a noticeable contrast between the stylish and sophisticated wood flooring and the more outlandish colours and patterns of the rugs.

The good news, of course, is that should the trend toward brighter colours go out of fashion before too long, the rugs can be simply replaced or removed altogether. This means that homeowners can make their houses mirror the peak of contemporary stylish design without having to pay a lot of money to alter the flooring to either achieve the look or to move from it when the time comes.

Rugs can also help to protect wooden floors from wear caused by excessive foot traffic, as well as from dirt, spills and scratches.

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