Saturday, November 12, 2011

5 Easy Steps to Repair Your Hardwood Floors Before Proceeding With The Sanding.

When some damage occurs to hardwood flooring, most of the homeowners take the decision of changing entire flooring, which costs a fortune. Hardwood floors can be repaired and associated problems can be fixed at ease by following suggested steps:
  • Surface scratches are one of the commonly noticed hardwood flooring problems need to be handled before you proceed with floor sanding procedure. Urethane touch- up kit, clean cloth, and colour sticks can be used to control the damage, whereas badly damaged blocks can be replaced with new ones
  • Another hardwood floor problem rises due to excessive humidity level and this should be handled carefully by avoiding tipping issues. This problem takes place in buckled hardwood surfaces beneath the floor. To pull down the buckled portion, insert a screw into the flooring and sub flooring portions to deal with the problem.
  • Hardwood floor plank gap is the other problem which occurs due to weather change. The hardwood floor expands and shrinks due to excessive wet and dry weather conditions. Simply be patient and wait for the right time when the floor regains its original shape.
  • If the hardwood floor is experiencing loose planks of wood, it can be repaired with a few nails and a hammer set.
The highly damaged and broken hardwood floors can be fixed with angled nails and a hammer.

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