Monday, November 7, 2011

Reclaimed Wood and Floor Sanding Yield Beautiful Results

Recycling is for more than aluminium cans and plastic bottles. Another way to "go green" is to decorate a new or existing home using wood that has been reclaimed from older construction being torn down. In some cases, consumers using this technique are able to get wood planks that are more than two centuries old.

Floor Restoration These planks already have a lovely aged look and merely need a skilled floor sanding firm to help them blend into the new decor. In some cases oiling and staining may also be desirable.

Scott Lang-mack has used older wood to build a new home done in a style reminiscent of the French region of Normandy. The choice of reclaimed wood has been a successful one. “I've never seen oak look like that except maybe in antique furniture” he says of his recycled wooden flooring. “The quality of the grain pattern and rarity is something that is special. You don't have to be a woodworker to appreciate it. All you know is when you view it, it's beautiful.”

Reclaimed wood, of course, means that fewer trees need to be harvested, but it also has other advantages. Lang-mack discovered that his reclaimed wooden floor was more economical than having a new hardwood floor installed, particularly if he wanted the same antiqued look. “Aging” a floor artificially is an expensive project, but refinishing wood floors that are made of naturally aged wood is relatively simple in comparison.

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