Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Fill The Gaps With Reclaimed Pine Slivers Before Sanding Your Victorian Floorboards.

When it comes to repair Victorian wooden floors, it seems a daunting task, and the homeowners think of appointing an expert. Victorian Wood floors look beautiful and add grace to a house’s ambience. Wood floor repair is not a big job as soon as you proceed with a perfect plan consisting of a sequence of repairing steps.

Floorboard Sanding Gapping between the wooden blocks is one of the most common problems, which should be handled properly before sanding Victorian floorboards.

Following instant Victorian wood floor repair steps are suggested accordingly:

• First & foremost, examine the floor gapping condition. If the gap is not widened much, then handle it at home by using pine silvers. Pine silvers are the unique products which perfectly fill the wooden gaps between Victorian floorboards at ease.

• Take a single silver pine and apply it on adhesive wooden sides.

• Insert the silver in the gaps and hammer it properly until it fills the wooden gaps.

• After hammering, when the glue gets dry, cut the remaining silver pine for a perfect finish.

• Now the Victorian floorboards are absolutely ready for sanding and finishing procedure. This is the simplest technique for saving and repairing expensive Victorian floorboards at home.

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