Thursday, November 24, 2011

Avoid These Dangers to Hardwood Floors

Most people who have hardwood floors want to keep them looking new for as long as possible. Unfortunately, however, sometimes a lack of information can interfere with this goal. To make your hardwood floor last for years, adhere to a few basic rules that will help prevent scratches and other damage.
The Dangers of Dirt and Grit
Dirt and grit are some of the biggest hazards a hardwood floor can face. These abrasive elements can create everything from fine scratches to gouges if they are allowed to sit on the floor and get tracked around the rooms covered by wood flooring. Combat dirt and grit by putting down rugs and mats in key locations. The entrance to each room is one such location, as are any entryways that connect to the outdoors.
Some families have a "socks only" rule in the house to assist even further with keeping dirt and grit at bay. In either case, be sure to sweep the floor on a regular basis to clear away stray bits of grit and dirt that have found their way onto your wooden flooring surfaces.
The Dangers of Water, Wax and Chemicals
Never allow water to stand on a wood floor. When mopping, dry excess water right away. Another common mistake is to use incorrect cleaners. Waxing a floor that has been finished with polyurethane will cause damage, as can using some chemical cleaners.
Repairing Damage
Eventually, all wood floors will need maintenance in the form of floor sanding and polishing to restore them to new. Contact a floor sanding company to arrange for these services.

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