Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Role of Flooring in Staging a Home for Sale

Most home sellers are aware of the need to “stage” a home in order to position it for a faster sale at a higher price. Staging a home involves a great many different activities and elements. The goal of staging it is to present the home in the best possible light. This generally involves adopting strategies that will help it look both larger and cleaner as these are two qualities highly desired by the majority of home buyers.

The first step in staging is to take a critical look at the home as it now stands. Floor Sanding Bexley One of the most common techniques used in home staging is to remove some of the furniture in all or some of the rooms, as this has the effect of “opening up” the space so that it will look more spacious. This can even extend to removing items from the walls because blank wall space can tend to make a room “open up” even more.

A thorough cleaning is, of course, a necessity for staging, and when it comes to wooden flooring, it may be wise to contact a floor sanding company to come in and give the floor a brand new professional finish. After the floors have been refurbished, it is wise to arrange furniture in order to display it to best advantage. Your beautiful new wooden floors will do your sales potential the most good if they can be seen and admired as buyers come into your home.

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