Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sanding Parquet and Other Wooden Flooring

It has never been easier or more fashionable to give your home a whole new look and feel by sanding floorboards and restoring them to their full beauty.  In these eco friendly times this is the perfect solution and makes perfect sense.  You can carry out the work yourself or employ a Floor Sanding Company to do it for you.  Either way, the result will be a sparkling new surface that not only looks fabulous, but will also be significantly more hygienic than carpeting, especially if there are asthma or hay fever sufferers in the house.  What’s more, if you have toddlers crawling or stumbling around it is essential to keep the pollen and mites well away.  A thorough, dustless floor sanding will do wonders for your home environment and for your health.

Companies involved in floor sanding in London and around the UK use the latest equipment to do the perfect job of general hardwood floor sanding or delicate Parquet Floor Sanding.  In fact whatever type of wooden surface you have they will be able to completely transform it.  Sanding machines developed by Scandinavian companies like Osmo, Junckers, Bona and Blanchon are eco friendly and offer dustless floor sanding; they are the result of years of research into wood floor restoration.  Large upright sanders are used for the first phase of the work, stripping off the surface irregularities, while smaller sanders are brought in to create the perfect finish.  Finally, hand-held sanders are used to finish off around the edges of the room and in the corners.  All these machines can be hired from DIY too; hire outlets if you wish to do the job yourself.

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