Monday, July 30, 2012

Wood Floor Sanding and Repairs

Fitted carpets used to be extremely popular and almost every home in the country had them.  Today, however, they are giving way to bare floorboards in the Scandinavian style.  Carpets trap dust and are home to mites no matter how hard you vacuum them, but with gleaming, varnished floorboards you can rest assured that they are totally clean.  Also, with environmental concerns now to the fore there is no better way of confirming your concern for the environment by going down the natural route of bare floorboards.

The technologies of Wood Floor Restoration and maintenance were pioneered in Scandinavia and that expertise has been shared with the world in the form of cutting edge machines designed to maintain any type of wooden flooring.  All floor sanding companies now use machines from leaders in the field, such as Bona, Junckers, Osmo and Blanchon.  The green credentials of these companies are impeccable and their products reflect a genuine concern for the environment.

Upright sanders are used to grind down any irregularities in the floorboards, before smaller industrial sanders are used to work along the edges and into the corners of the room.  New dustless floor sanding technology ensures that clouds of wood dust are not spread into the atmosphere, but are instead collected for recycling.

When the sanders have done their work a selected wood stain is applied to the boards, followed by a varnish to finish the job off.  In less than a day, in most cases, you will have a gleaming new floor at minimal cost, all ready for attractive rugs to be laid down.

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