Friday, July 6, 2012

Sanding Wood Floors

Sanding down existing floorboards can completely transform any room and once you have experimented with one you will probably be so impressed that you will go on to do the whole house.  The type of flooring you choose will depend on personal taste and inclination.  Some people prefer a completely new hardwood floor, laid over the top of the existing floorboards; you can employ a Wood Floor Sanding company to do this for you.  For others, the preference is for wood floor repairs or refinishing wood floors.

To get started with your Floor Sanding and Polishing project just pull the carpet up and check the floorboards for wide cracks and protruding nails.  Hammer the nails in, fix loose boards and fill wider gaps with papier-mâché and thin strips of spare wood.  Next, pop along to your local DIY tool hire company and book two sanders for the day, a heavy upright sander and a smaller one for the edges.  It might also be useful to buy a small hand-held sander for the finishing touches.

Once the floor has been prepared, roll the upright sander in all directions across it, keeping the movements as smooth as possible and the drum parallel with the floor.  You then use the smaller sander to finish around the edges.  The secret is to work steadily and take numerous breaks, as these are very heavy machines and if you try to do the whole job in one go you are likely to end up exhausted quite quickly.  Also wear a mask, because there will be some fine wood dust flying about, despite the collecting bags attached to the machines.

Use wood-stain and a coat of gloss or sating varnish to finish off for the perfect renovated floor.

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