Friday, July 13, 2012

Swedish Style Wooden Floors

Companies such as Osmo have a deserved reputation for eco friendliness and their products are used widely in the Wood Floor Restoration industry.  From solid wood to multi-plank and mouldings, Osmo natural wood products are used by every good floor restoration company to create the perfect flooring solution.  The industry also draws on the expertise of other companies, such as Bona, Junckers and Blanchon, all of them renowned for their green affiliations.  The machinery and materials produced by these leading companies will work to transform your home, whether you are installing new flooring or sanding wooden floors that were installed many years before.

The latest heavy sanding machines that are essential to the restoration process incorporate leading technologies to make them more efficient than ever.  Significantly, they also feature dust free Floor Sanding, which means that all the wood dust that is produced is captured and prevented from getting into the atmosphere.

Both the large upright and small sanders, which are used to finish the edges and corners of rooms, can be hired from most DIY tool hire shops.  A normal wood floor sanding will take five thin layers off the surface of the floorboards, before a stain is applied and finally a coat varnish that is designed to protect the newly exposed surface and provide hardness and durability.

The Scandinavians know all about the transformative powers of natural wood and have been working with it for many decades.  Now, their expertise and products are available to the wider world to create an eco friendly, truly green and supremely attractive flooring solution to any home.  

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