Monday, July 9, 2012

Sanding Your Floors

Floor sanding companies across the country provide an excellent range of services.  Sanding Wood Floors has becomethe thing to do in recent years as a more minimalistic sense of domestic decorhas taken over and environmental issues have moved to the fore.  Wood floors are the ultimate in environmentalfriendliness and are certainly much more hygienic than carpets.  Carpets are great at trapping dust and mites, but bad news for toddlers and asthma sufferers.  A beautiful, shining, clean pine or hardwood floor is an asset to any home and you can add attractive touches to finish it off.

Wood Floor Restoration is something of an art and there are a number of floor sanding companies that will happily arrange an appointment and come in to take a look at the state of your floorboards.  If you decide to go ahead, they will first of all prepare the existing floorboards by hammering home any nails that are protruding from the timber.  They will also replace sections of diseased or damaged wood with new and fill in the larger gaps with strips of the same type of wood.  Smaller cracks can add appeal, but will be filled in if you wish, often with a papier-mâché mixture that is left to harden before sanding begins.

Usually, heavy sanding machines will be used; the first is a large upright with a roller, to which the sandpaper is attached.  This is a powerful machine designed to sand and clean the boards without damaging them.  A smaller sander is used for the edges and stairs.

You will never regret having a beautiful new hardwood floor installed or restoring your existing floorboards, whether you do it yourself or get a floor sanding company to do it for you. 

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