Friday, July 27, 2012

Wood Floor Sanding

Wooden floors are coming back into fashion in a big way as consciousness about the environment has been heightened and health awareness has increased.  Where preventing allergies is concerned, a clean, shiny wooden floor is the perfect surface, especially if there are children crawling around on it.  Carpets may be warm and cosy looking, but they provide a home for all manner of bugs and harbour dust and debris; even when they look perfectly clean they are usually not.  You cannot beat a hardwood floor for adding energy and sparkle to a room.

Having a real hardwood floor installed is one obvious solution and there are numerous Floor Sanding and Polishing companies around, but it is always worth having a look at the existing floorboards and deciding whether they can be renovated.  Sometimes there will be large gaps or loose boards, but with a little preparation the existing floor can soon be readied for sanding.

Clear the whole floor of furniture and remove any carpeting before doing anything else.  Hammer protruding nails flush with the wood and replace any loose and damaged sections.  If you do not like the end result, at least you will have tidied the floor up and you can always replace the carpet.

Hire an upright sanding machine from your local tool hire company and buy sufficient packs of sandpaper grades.  You will also need to rent a smaller machine for sanding the corners and edges.  A lightweight hand-sander can be used for the details such as skirting boards.  Top the finished floor with a wood stain and a coat of varnish and you will have a fantastic new floor in no time.

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